www.Thaishop888.com is for sale.

I Will Accept 15,000 Baht 


I set this website up about 8 months ago and have spend many weeks adding Thai language to the website (Now is in Thai and English) adding 175 businesses in the Maha Sarakham area where I am based. The reason for the website is because MANY cities in Thailand do not have a local newspaper or website that lists all the businesses in that area.

www.Thaishop888.com is the answer.

I have also done a lot of Search Engine Optimization and it now comes up on the 1st page of Google …..

It can be used ALL OVER THAILAND not just Maha Sarakham and could become the main Business directory in Thailand.

I set it up because of the frustration of not being able to find anything when looking online and because I was basically bored and needed something to occupy my time.

However, I have become involved in a new business

To do with Yachts and Boats which is my passion, so Thaishop888.com is to be sold to someone who can run it.

Brief overview of how it works

Shops or businesses can have a 3 month FREE listing.
Then there is a 1 year listing for 950 Baht
and a Power listing with Featured for 1950 B

The idea was to have a sales team go out and visit shops and businesses and offer them
the 30 days FREE listing and if they purchase the 1 year listing for 950 B (While the rep is in their shop) they get an extra year for FREE. So 950 B for 2 years and 3 months.

The reps can earn several 1000’s per day as I was going to offer them 30% of any bookings they generate.

Also I was going to charge a 5000 B – listing fee for NEW car companies, Property and Land, Hotels and Escort agencies.
All the current 175 listings have been uploaded by myself, physically driving around and taking pictures of the businesses and hen uploading all the information.


So as you can see… I have put in months of leg work and working on the actual website.I will accept 15,000 Baht as I don’t have the time to continue the project and I don’t want to just delete the website as it is a great business for someone who has a bit of internet / website knowledge. The website is based on WordPress so is fairly easy to work on and very functional.

Also have over 100 Stickers x 70mm for marketing and giving to shops etc.
Posters, stickers and Social media would be the cheapest way to get this going.

Call me if you are interested 064 769 7038


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